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Onsite custom floral installation & design 

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Wedding and Event Floral Design

Personalized Delivery Services

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I create arrangements and installations for events large and small. Please contact me if you wish to send or receive an arrangement, or if you’d like to discuss floral design for an upcoming occasion.  

Do you have a well tended garden, or a lovingly ignored green patch?  Inquire about onsite custom floral design. I’ll work with material from your garden, supplementing where needed from suppliers I know and love.


I am continually in awe of nature’s expression of form and function, and I work to honor that expression in my work.  It is important to me that the designs that emerge have a deeply rooted sense of place—whether that is working with material that is particularly meaningful to a client, or creating arrangements with materials that are intimately connected to the land and the season from which they are a part.  Decisions about design are always more successful when they are less controlled, and more responsive to the place they are from and the occasion they are for.  

Perhaps as much as I love creating art, I love creating spaces for community to blossom, and for people to gather and use their hands and minds in creative ways. Contact me if you wish to hold a floral design workshop at your home or office, or keep in touch to find out when I’m teaching next.



Brita Fisher